Do you find it slows down your progress moving from keyboard to mouse and back again for simple tasks light highlighting text?

If you can memorise these 10 most used keyboard shortcuts for windows it will help keep you focused and increase your productivity.Keyboard  - 10 Most Used Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + C – will copy your highlighted text or selected image

Ctrl + X – will remove the text or image

Ctrl + V – will paste the text or image back into the chosen place in your document

Ctrl + S – This is one shortcut you probably know and use. Pressing Ctrl + S will save the document you are working on. You should get into the habit of using this function frequently when working on anything, especially important documents or spreadsheets.

Ctrl + P – Use this command to open a print preview of the page you are working on or viewing.

Ctrl + F – This will open up the ‘Find’ box where you can search the text within the document. For example, you are writing a report that uses the term MD, and you want to change it to Managing Director, searching the term MD in the find box will show you everywhere that you have used the term, allowing you to make the change quickly.

Ctrl + Z & Ctrl + Y – Ctrl + Z will undo a change you made. For example if you cut text from your document unintentionally, clicking Ctrl + Z will undo the cut. Ctrl + Y will redo the action. You can use these shortcuts numerous times to undo and redo changes.

Ctrl + Backspace – Deletes a full word at one time rather than a single character.

Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow – Hold Ctrl while pressing the left or right arrow to move the cursor one word at a time.

Ctrl + Shift – This allows you to highlight one word at a time. Hold Ctrl + Shift and press the left or right arrow key to highlight one word at a time in that direction.

In addition to the 10 most used keyboard shortcuts used we thought you might be interested in these too…


Alt + Tab – This combination lets you switch between open programmes on your computer. For example, you are working on a word document, press Alt and hold, then press Tab to cycle through the open programmes.

woman on Keyboard -  10 most used keyboard shortcuts

Spacebar & Shift + Spacebar – when browsing the internet you can use the Spacebar to move up and down pages. Pressing the spacebar moves the scrollbar on the website down a page. Use Shift + spacebar to move the scrollbar up a page.

Practice these 10 most used keyboard shortcuts now while they are fresh in your head, then use every day and you’ll find yourself flying through the work to be done!