All business owners know the importance of having an online presence, so you build a website and put it out there.

But not all businesses know how to get the best out of their online presence. Here are a few ideas for growing your business online from Current Content, a professional copywriting service that helps to make your website work for you.

Do you send out an email newsletter or product offer? If not, it is something you should consider. Email is nearly 40 times more effective at getting new business that Facebook or Twitter, according to a study by McKinsey & Company.

This is a powerful medium not only because delivery is pretty much guaranteed, but there is a lot less happening in people’s inbox that the busy channels of social media. You email can reach your target audience in a much more direct manner. If you have existing customers who are happy to receive your email newsletters that’s great, to entice potential new customers to accept your emails your mailshots should suggest that they may be missing out on something! email- ideas for growing your business online

When composing email newsletters it is vital that you create links back to relevant areas of your website, to encourage visitors to the site. This will in turn generate more activity on your website, resulting in higher rankings by Google.

Do you have social media accounts for your business? Again this is important for all businesses today. While email campaigns can get directly to a customer, using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will help build your brand recognition. People everywhere use social media every day, they will often search for a business service using Facebook, if you’re not there your competition could be the one to get their business. You can’t possibly calculate the possible lost business through not having a social media presence. social-media ideas for growing your business online

Of course, you only have a presence if you post consistently, two to three times a day is good, too much and people get irritated, too little and you’re forgotten about in the sea of content posted every day. Posting regular social media posts is something Current Content can help you with.

As with email newsletters, it is important to put links back to the website in your social media posts, again encouraging visitors to the website, generating more activity and improving rankings in Google.

For more ideas for growing your business online pop over to Current Content, there’s lots of valuable information in our regular blog posts, plus details on exactly what we do to help make your website work for you!