Do you worry about your iPhone security and how safe your personal data is?

With the big privacy debate going on in the US, between Apple and the US government, it is something everyone is talking about. Let’s take a look at the security measures you can put inplace…

Already having several features to help safeguard your privacy, the iPhone itself is not that easy to break into. One of the best privacy measures is to set a passcode, simple we know, but surprisingly effective as the FBI discovered recently! Iphone - iPhone security

While the 4 digit numeric code can take a lot of work to crack and is a useful deterrent to casual identity theft, a custom alphanumeric code gives even stronger iPhone security. This is because iOS builds delays after you get the passcode wrong: each computation is deliberately designed to take longer than it needs to, at 80 milliseconds, and if you get it wrong six times in a row the iPhone is locked for a minute; further incorrect guesses result in longer delays.
iPhone security - Passcode-Options

If you carry highly sensitive or business critical data on your iPhone there is a more drastic measure you can choose to activate… If you want, iOS will erase your data if someone (including you!) gets the passcode wrong 10 times in a row. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, enter your passcode and then scroll down to Erase Data. But only do this if you are willing to run the risk of accidentally erasing everything if you get drunk!

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