Are you getting the best out of your Gmail account?

Gmail is one of the most popular, most powerful, most reliable email service out there. Make a promise to yourself this year; be productive and stay organised with Gmail. Be Productive and Stay Organised with Gmail

There is a pile of interesting things you can do with Gmail that you probably don’t know about. Like being able to save and send repeat emails so that you don’t have to type out the same response to different people again and again. Or that you can automatically set up some of your incoming mail to be labelled delete, archive or forward without ever seeing them in your inbox.

Why not try some of these functions to be productive and stay organised with Gmail this year?

Add a ‘Send & Archive’ button that archives messages as soon as you reply.

Learn the shortcuts – many actions in Gmail can be executed with a keyboard shortcut.

USe Shortcuts in Gmail - Be Productive and Stay Organised with GmailFilter your search to get more specific results more quickly. Just click the grey arrow in the search box to show more filters.

Organise your folders to get things done by creating different action labels. They could be something like ‘Urgent and Important’ at the top right down to ‘Not Urgent or Important’ at the bottom. This way you can zero your inbox and work through emails in order of priority.

If there is a message you use on a regular basis you can set it up as a ‘canned response’ so that you don’t need to type it every time.

Have you ever hit send just as you realised there was a typo or you need to make a last change? Unsend email - Be Productive and Stay Organised with GmailIf you go to Settings you can decide how long you want to Gmail to hold your emails before sending for real!