Don’t be fooled into thinking your business information is of no interest to cybercriminals – they don’t work that way. You need to protect your business from cybercriminals.

Today’s cybercriminals aren’t looking to target only the big fish; they are looking for easy pickings – any easy job and easy money. They can target hundreds of small businesses with a simple piece of malware that will slip quickly through the cracks just as easily as hitting on a large corporate organisation with a more complex piece of software.

protect your business from cybercriminalsThe digital world is essential to all businesses these days. Even if you are a sole trader it is likely that you are operating in a cloud based world on multiple devices like phone, tablet and PC, in multiple locations. This puts you at as much risk as the big guys. If you don’t protect your business from cybercriminals you could find yourself with major headaches you can do without!

Cybercriminal are just like the traditional criminals we read and hear about every day; not as you might imagine, ‘geeks’ hidden away in their bedroom reeking havoc on hardworking businesses. These cybercriminals work in a skillful and calculated manner across the globe, motivated by easy money.

What type of Data are Cybercriminals looking for?

Everyone is a target, everyone has data and data is a commodity to be sold and traded, for as little as $1.60 a record… but what type of data?

  • Banking details
  • Credit/Debit card data
  • Employee payroll data
  • Software company release data
  • Your child’s favourite app and those top 10 questions they had to answer to download it…

They aren’t fussy about the data as long as it has some meat to it!

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