G Suite (Google Apps) is a set of cloud based, intelligent Google apps that help businesses to manage many aspects of their admin more efficiently.

Many of you are probably already familiar with Gmail, calendars and Google Drive on a personal level. So why use Google Apps for work? Your familiarity will give you confidence in switching to the full G Suite programme. When you see how the range of cloud-based apps helps to improve efficiency, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner. Google logo - Why use Google Apps for Work?

Here are 5 reasons to use Google Apps for work…

Company email addresses – Many small businesses use their own @gmail or @hotmail address for their work emails. Don’t you agree that it is much more professional to use @companydomain.ie? Having an email address that directly links to the company name, not only assures the sender that they have the right person, but further strengthens the company branding.

Storage space for emails – Regular mail servers provide less than 1GB of space for emails. This can be eaten up fast if you are using it for business. Google Apps gives you 10GB of space, more than enough for many SME’s, meaning you won’t have to delete old mail so often and risk losing you may go back to look for many months later.

Searching your emails – A down side to storing more emails is that it can make finding something from 2 years ago tricky. Not with Google, they have the best search facility out there, so you’ll always be able to find old mail, providing you haven’t deleted it of course! Why use Google Apps for Work?

Spam Filters – We all get some amount of irritating spam / junk mail. When you set up your business emails with Google Apps their spam filters can substantially reduce the spam mail you receive.

Easy mobile access – Are you a business owner, always on the road or in meetings, trying to manage your business on the go? Google Apps means easy access on your phone, laptop, iPad etc., always synced. This means you send mail, or set up a calendar appointment from your phone, it will be there on your desktop when you get back to the office.

Google Apps, or the G Suite as it is now known has many other apps accessible to you on the one platform, from file sharing to calendar syncing, to managing your adwords, and much more. This all helps your business to be more efficient and more productive.

Now you know why use Google Apps for work!

If you want a professional email address and all the other benefits G Suite offer, get in touch! We can get you up and running in no time!